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Unlock the full power of AWS Lambda, the serverless game-changer, and master its fundamentals, advanced use cases, and networking options to revolutionize your cloud applications

AWS Lambda
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Matthew Burch

Cybersecurity, AWS Cloud, and Network Engineering Professor


Lambda is one of the most popular AWS services. It allows you to run code without servers, and you only pay when the service is actively being used. With Lambda, you no longer have to pay for idle server time or administer, operate, and wait for servers to be built to run your applications.

Lambda is designed to allow you to bring your code and natively supports the most popular programming languages available. Getting the most out of Lambda requires understanding how it works and its limitations.

This course starts with the fundamentals and walks you through the more advanced use cases.

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Lambda Service Basics
  • Event Source Types
  • Access Permission Requirements
  • Functions
  • Pricing Model
  • Restrictions
  • Lambda Networking Options
  • Reserved, Unreserved, and Provisioned Concurrency
  • Using Containers with Lambda

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About the instructor

  • Matthew Burch

    Matthew Burch

    Cybersecurity, AWS Cloud, and Network Engineering Professor

    Matthew has 20+ years of experience as a network engineer, IT manager, and instructor for network, cloud, and cybersecurity courses. During his career, Matthew has attained some of the top professional and teaching certifications in IT and managed large enterprise networks for several corporations. Matthew is passionate about learning new technology and sharing knowledge with others so they can reach their full potential. He enjoys designing gamified labs and technologies that challenge the participants to solve real-world problems in IT.

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